Company history

Company history

In the mid-1970s, a general ban on antibiotics in the animal feed was a utopia and the awareness of natural animal breeding among both farmers and consumers was negligible.

The Egger brothers recognised the need for a change towards a more natural and sustainable agricul-ture and therefore founded their joint venture for the development and production of natural feed supplements in 1977.

In the same year, PGE was the first company in Austria to register a probiotic feed additive based on lactic acid bacteria. Since then, a large number of new products have been developed and PGE’s product range now covers all areas of animal breeding.

In order to ensure sufficient sales and growth opportunities, PGE has been internationally active from the very beginning. Today the products are successfully marketed in more than 20 countries and the export quota is about 70%.

Regardless of its international orientation, PGE’s headquarters and production facility are still locat-ed in Mitterlabill, where the company was founded.

Produktionsgemeinschaft Egger GmbH | Mitterlabill 19, 8413 Mitterlabill | Tel.: +43 3184 2419